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Micro SD card (Secure Digital Memory Card) is one of the most widely used data storage devices. However, there are tens of thousands of users all around the world that face the issue of data loss on Micro SD card and other devices. therefore, you need a suitable tool to help you. Bitwar Data Recovery is a wise choice for you to easily and quickly get lost data back from memory card, Micro SD card or CF card etc. With friendly user experience and wizard operation, you can recover the data with only three steps and easily find the lost data even if you are not familiar with computer operations.
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Мошенники / How to recover lost files during cut and paste?
« : 11 Октябрь 2018, 04:54:49 »
We usually use "Ctrl + C", "Ctrl + X" and "Ctrl + V" as shortcut keys to finish our work when we are dealing with some files. But accidents often happen. Data may get lost after a cut and before you press "Ctrl + V". So how to recover lost files during cut and paste?
In general, there are some reasons that result in loss of files due to unsuccessful cut paste file transfer:
       1. Unexpected Shutdown: Power failure is one of the most common problems that interrupt file moving process. If your system shut down suddenly due to some reasons when you are transferring files from one drive to another one using cut paste option, then you lose all files that were being transferred from source storage drive.
       2. Improper Removal of Storage Drives: as we know, USB flash drives are frequently used to transfer data from one system to another. However, you will lose files by forcefully reject it when cut paste process is in progress.
       3. Of course, there are some other possible reasons including improper system termination, hardware failure,After the file is cut, you have performed other actions before press "Ctrl + V", etc.

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Черные риэлтеры / Re: MP3 Audio Converter
« : 11 Октябрь 2018, 04:44:46 »
Usually, when you failed to find your data on SD card after some unexpected accidents, for example accidental deletion, you might think those files are completely removed from it. But here we should tell you that it is not the case. You need to understand that the lost files are always hidden somewhere in your SD card, simply you haven't found them yet. you must restore them as quickly as possible before overwritting.

how to recover lost data from sd card

SD Card is a common storage device to store pictures, documents, messages etc. But unfortunately,various factors such as accidental deletion, formatting, SD card corruption, virus attack, etc often occurs unexpectedly. Therefore, it is imperative that we need a SD Card data recovery software to recover lost data. Before introducing how to Free download SD Card data recovery software to recover lost data, let's pay attention to Is SD card recovery possible.

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In terms of data usage, There are always something unexpected that can happen. Your data lost due to Accidently pressing Shift+Delete on an important file,Intentionally deleting files not knowing you would need them later,Virus, Spyware or Trojan attacks,lose data when a hard drive crashes or gets damaged and other reasons.These are just some of the numerous scenarios that can be the cause of losing important folders and files. Fortunately you can easily restore them on your own with a best deleted file recovery software with full version.android data recovery full version free download

CF Card (CompactFlash Card) is a mass storage device used in portable electronic devices. usually, compared with other memory card types such as SD, SmartMedia, MemoryStick, and xD Picture Card. it has a lower cost per MB and larger size, faster speed. So it is popular for use with high-end cameras and other electronic media devices to store pictures, audio, and video recordings. However, data loss on CF card caused by different reasons is becoming more and more severe at the same time. How to Recover Deleted Files From CF Card.find deleted files on sd card

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